AUSTIN HOT SHOTS came about from my desire to teach women, just like you, how to safely have fun with your “significant other” all the while respecting the power and danger of firearms.  I can’t tell you how many charity events, tournaments, bird hunts or just practicing at the range where I have seen women watching, not participating, all the while wanting to, but with no where to turn to get the ball rolling.  If this is you, I’m the girl to get you there!   Does your “significant other” keep a firearm in the home for protection?  Are you comfortable using that firearm to protect yourself and your family should that day ever come?  Are you aware of how that firearm works and could you use it in the dark of night if needed?  This is where Austin Hot Shots can help!

Interested in a  women’s shooting league:

Earlly in 2011 I helped launch A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League.  We are a ladies only organization established by women shooters for women shooters of pistol, rifle and shotgun sports.  The league is designed to take beginners to whatever skill level they wish and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities.  We welcome all levels of shooters.  Our focus is improving skills while getting women into some kind of competitive shooting sport (if you so desire).   New shooters welcome and encouraged to come.  No need to have your own firearm.  Click on the link above to find a league in your area.

And while you are at it, please check out the Austin Sure Shots as another avenue for shooting with the ladies.  This local group of fantastic ladies has been around since 2010.  They too are always open to newcomers and provides a great opportunity to improve your shooting skills as well.

Be sure and check out what CNN had to say about the surge in the number of women buying guns featuring Renee of Austin Hot Shots and Niki Jones of Austin Sure Shots!

Let’s talk about shotguns:

Besides the fact that this is TEXAS, there are numerous non-profit charitable foundations in and around Austin.  A great many of them hold Sporting Clay events to raise money.  How would you like to be able to compete right along side the men at one of those events?   How about bird hunting?  I know for a fact that there are many a men that would like to have you right along side them, holding your own!   How about having fun on the skeet or sporting clay field?  Let me show you how to hold your own and have a blast!

Sign up for one of my classes to get you started.  Gather up your girls and and make a fun-filled afternoon of it!   Remember to contact me for available dates.

It’s a proven fact that:

1).  Women learn much better from other women! A patient, knowledgeable and experienced female instructor is a great learning platform for women seeking firearm proficiency. Austin Hot Shots provides group and individual learning opportunities for all firearm types. Dont be intimidated by men barking orders at you or your “significant other” trying to “teach” you all the while running short on patience before you even squeeze off the first round!

2).  Through proper safety training, Austin Hot Shots can eliminate the intimidation factor in women handling firearms! Our first and foremost objective in all firearms training is to put safety first, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents while handling firearms. We’ll work together to develop the skills to combat any concerns you may have.

3).  Only through hands-on training can we build your confidence and polish your shooting skills. The ability to protect yourself and your family will allow you to view the world in a vastly different way. The self confidence you will gain through proper firearm training will have a dramatic empowering effect and completely change the way you carry yourself!   Does your “significant other” have a firearm he keeps in the home for protection?  Could you protect yourself with it?  Do you know the first thing about operating it?

4).  Young to middle aged women are the number one target for violent crimes in the United States. By gaining confidence, awareness, and the skills necessary for the safe handling of firearms, you significantly reduce the likelihood of a crime being committed against you or your loves ones.

Don’t delay. Find a firearms class that fits your current skill set.

Feel free to email me or pick up the phone.  Let’s see how we can make this happen.