Austin Hot Shots is a firearms training school located in the beautiful Austin, Texas. We offer Texas License To Carry classes along with handgun and shotgun proficiency training.   Our personalized classes are held at convenient locations and ranges throughout the Austin and surrounding area.   Have your own land with a shooting range?  Gather up your group.   We’ll even come to you.

Renee Blaine and her husband Dean, both experienced handgun and shotgun instructors, founded the company in 2009.  It was the Blaine’s love of firearms, competition and a desire to continue teaching that led them to create Austin Hot Shots. Additionally it was Renee’s desire to encourage, educate and assist other women in firearm proficiency.  Renee holds NRA Instructor Certification in both pistol and shotgun training along with being a Range Safety Officer.  She is also a DPS License To Carry Handgun Instructor.  Dean is a NRA Instructor certified in pistol training along with being a Range Safety Officer too.  They are both competitive sporting clays shooters and have participated in several national championships.  Both are members of the NRA, NSCAUSPSA and IDPA,  they participate in both pistol and shotgun practical matches.

While there are many qualified shooting schools across the country, the Blaine’s have used their experiences to make Austin Hot Shots training significantly different from the rest. Although we instruct both men and WOMEN at Austin Hot Shots, the school specializes in empowering women with the proper skills to safely and professionally handle firearms for both practical shooting sports as well as self defense/concealed carry requirements.  More importantly all women’s classes are taught by women instructors.      Check out what CNN has to say about Austin Hot Shots

At Austin Hot Shots, classes are deliberately kept small, no more than ten students per class.  We keep the instructor-student ratio at a highly productive level.  This helps to increase the time participants spend actively engaged in hands-on drills. Every course we offer includes range time.  We believe that there is no substitute to insure the student possesses the necessary skills to safely and accurately handle a firearm.  If group lessons aren’t your thing, all of our course are offered in a private one on one setting.  Email or call Renee for further details.

The school’s primary goal is to ensure that all participants receive the training to confidently and responsibly utilize their right to lawfully possess a firearm.  In order to keep shooting skills sharp, Austin Hot Shots strives to encourage a competitive or sportsmanship interest in all its students.  To this end, instruction at the school is carefully tailored to the skill level of the students.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all students, both novice and experienced.  Give us a try!